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Fly Lines

Fly Fishing Fly Lines

Fly Lines for fishing multi species from using dry flies, nymphs streamers or euro nymphing. Fly fishing is fun using the correct fly fishing lines.

Image casting to a rising fish with a weight forward line, placing the fly perfectly for the perfect presentation to a rising trout.  Or casting a crawfish pattern up against a log, boulder or some other structure to entice that large mouth bass take your fly.

Fly Fishing Line Selections

There are so many great choices to fit every situation. Snowbee Thistledown multi-weight line is 1-4 weight is great for Ultra Light Fishing to Trout Spey fishing on 3 and 4 weights.  Every type of Line from Weight Forward, Double Taper to the Ultimate in Distance casting with great presentation capabilities.  How about a line for delicate presentation for the ultimate dry fly situation? Then there is a multitude of sinking lines to fit every kind of fishing you can think of.

Then there are lines for saltwater, steelhead, pike and muskie fishing. If you love fly fishing we have a product for you.  I have found have several spool set ups for my reels to be a big help though out the day.  I even have one set up on a cassette reel system that I just love, it makes switching lines extremely easy.  We are prepared to help you with any type of set up right down to the leaders and tippet material.  Don’t be shy if you have any questions please ask, we are here to help.