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Kelly Kettle Bio Fuel Cooking

The Famous Kelly Kettle
The Kelly family in Ireland pioneered the development of the Kelly Kettle camping kettle and now, for over 100 years, the unique Kelly Kettle has made boiling water in the outdoors quick and easy – even in extreme weather conditions. Any natural fuel can be used to burn and create the fire which will quickly bring the water in the kettle to a rolling boil. Since only natural fuel is used you don’t have to worry about carrying gas or batteries or other types of fuel with you. Safe and easy to use, the Kelly Kettle will be one of your most used and valued pieces of camping gear. Now with the addition of the new HOBO STOVE, the Kelly Kettle is a great little camp stove, too.
Kelly Kettles are awesome for all outdoor adventures-

If you are camping and just want a convenient quick way to heat up your water for hydrating food, a cup of coffee or for personal use, the Base Camp Large Kelly Kettle is great. It will deliver about 7 cups of hot water in just a few minutes. Your camping gear will not be complete without a Kelly Kettle.

Backpacking and Hiking:

Backpackers and hikers love the Trekker Small Kelly Kettle for its light weight and natural fuel burning ability. Never worry about carrying heavy fuel in your backpack again. The Trekker Kettle holds a little over 2 cups of water which is enough to hydrate your dehydrated evening meal and extra for a cup of hot chocolate or coffee. You will never go on a backpacking trip again without your Trekker Kelly Kettle.


Kayaking is another outdoor sport where you don’t want to have to carry any more than necessary. Once again, the Trekker Kelly Kettle is ideal because of its light weight, use of natural fuel and how fast it will boil water when you are exhausted from kayaking all day.Scouts:Scouting is a terrific youth activity and what better way to teach scouts how to camp, cook and purify water than to teach them how to use the Kelly Kettle. The Base Camp Large Kettle and the Scout Medium Kettle are both perfect for scouting activities, competitions and campouts. A scout troop with kettles for each patrol is well set up to provide purified water for use in cooking and personal hygiene for each member of the patrol. — Not that scouts necessarily worry about the later but at least they have the option.

Fishing and Hunting:

The Kelly Kettle was created to quickly produce hot water for coffee and other hot drinks while fishing on the beautiful lakes of Ireland. The same is still true today. All three sizes of kettles are well suited for the fisherman or hunter depending on the size of the group and whether you are backpacking into a remote area to catch the big fish or bag the trophy deer or elk or just setting up camp for a leisurely outing.

Emergency Preparedness and Survival:

The Kelly Kettle is an essential element of any emergency preparedness plan. In an emergency or disaster situation the most important part of survival is being able to obtain pure water. Without access to other types of fuel such as gas or propane, it may be difficult to get pure water. Since the Kelly Kettle uses only natural fuels, in a disaster you most likely will still have access to ample natural fuel in order to boil and purify water for drinking, cooking and personal hygiene.The Kelly Kettle is available in three (3) sizes made from aluminum or stainless steel. New Kelly Kettle Accessories are being introduced – see what you might have missed! Base Camp Large Kettle: This kettle holds 54 oz or about 7 cups of water and comes in aluminum or stainless steel.Scout Medium Kettle: This kettle holds 44 oz or about 5 ½ cups and is available in aluminum or stainless steel. Trekker Small Kettle: This kettle holds 17oz or about 2 cups and is available in aluminum and stainless steel.Cook Sets – Large & Small: Also available for use with the Kettles are the stainless steel Cook Sets. Great for heating food over the top of the kettle and cooking food over the fire in the base.

Hobo Stove:

The Hobo Stove makes frying foods on your Kelly Kettle base a snap. Now you can easily make eggs and bacon for breakfast and fry up the catch of day for dinner!Camp Cups: Stainless steel camp cups have a cool lip guard and store inside one another. Another great addition to your Kelly Kettle outdoor gear. Camp Plates: Been searching for the perfect stainless steel camping plates? We knew that! Here they are. Perfect as plates and 1″ deep so great for stews and chili, too!

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