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BriteLyt Multi-Fuel Lanterns, Stoves

BriteLyt Multi-Fuel Lanterns, Stoves and High Powered Lamps
Home of the King of All Lanterns

Welcome to the new BriteLyt! For years Britelyt has been dedicated to the most innovative and reliable high powered, liquid fuel lanterns and accessories.

Now we’re excited to share the biggest innovation in over 100 years for liquid fuel lantern technology, the new BriteLyt Rapid500CP and 150CP series, multi-fuel lanterns. We started from scratch to design the most functional and innovative lantern the market has ever seen.

Starting with our state-of-the-art CAD engineering approach we set out to design a lantern that fixed the current lantern issues within the marketplace. Thicker brass, heavier assembly and no need for soldered joints are just a few of the improvements we’ve made.

Perhaps the most unique feature is our ability to burn more than just Kerosene or Gasoline. With the ability to burn bio-fuels and other affordable and readily available fuels, BriteLyt has set itself apart from it’s competition!