An Inspirational Wonderland



An Inspirational Wonderland of Trails Await You at Arches National Park


When someone mentions Arches National Park, there are many truly magical descriptions that come out of their mouths. From it being a “red-rock wonderland” to being a “Holy place that even boasts a walk in the Devil’s Garden”; from the beauty of the colors to citing amazing structures created by nature that take the breath away – there is so much to be said about Arches that it makes everyone want to take their own pilgrimage to this incredible site.


Unlike anything you’ve seen before, Arches is a Park that plays home to over 2,000 natural stone arches. But that’s not where the formations stop; it is also home to hundreds of red-rock spires that lift into the heavens, giant balanced rocks, and trails that inspire the poet within us all. Located north of Moab in Utah, Arches is bordered by the Colorado River in the southeast, and every single hike you choose to take introduces you to a picturesque view.


The greatest thing that separates Arches from other National Parks, is that no matter where you go, you have a 100% chance of running into scenery that looks like it should be in pictures. There is so much to see here, however, that you need to make very sure you have the time to take it all in. One of the most talked about arches is the massive Delicate Arch. It’s quite literally an icon – looping out of a bluff, orange in color, it is one of the many natural wonders. The snow-covered La Sal mountain range sits in the background as if framing the arch as it rises up into the bright, blue sky. It is a strenuous hike, but it is also the most popular trail and one of the most popular views in all of the U.S.

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If looking for a challenge, the Devil’s Garden Loop Trail is 7.5 miles with an elevation gain of over 1,060 feet. Here, you can explore seven arches and is accessible year-round for the hardcore hikers who want to see it all. This hike, in fact, has been called the ‘highlight’ of the area because of its diversity.


When it comes to Landscape Arch, this 290-foot sandstone formation is as thin as a spider’s web, making it look as if one strong wind could take the entire thing down in a split second. However, it has stood the test of time, and at 0.8 miles, from the Devil’s Garden Trailhead, this is an easy way to see some of the most stunning arches in the area.


The most enticing, perhaps, comes in the form of the Fiery Furnace. Yes, the Devil certainly has a “place” in Arches National Park, but do not be afraid. This location has been said by visitors to be one of the most “heavenly” they’ve ever seen. Being a labyrinth of rock fins that stretch for two miles, there is no actual trail to follow. This is one journey that requires a permit, but going that extra mile is the right thing to do, seeing as that Mother Nature could not offer you a more memorable sight.


For an easy hike, head to the Balanced Rock. With a distance of 0.3 miles, this lovely walk takes you close to the picturesque rock you can see from the road. This short stroll brings you right up next to the monstrosity and will have you wondering how something that size has remained balanced for so long.


The Windows Loop is another well-marked, easy trail that stretches to one mile in length. This will allow you to climb into the North Window and Turret Arch, as well as view the South Window Arch. Hiking to the Double Arch is also a great route to choose. At 0.5 miles, the hike brings you right up to the base of the two giant arches that rise from the gravel surface of the trail, and tower above you.


To take in Tower Arch, you will need to put on those comfortable walking shoes with traction, seeing as that the 3.4 mile trail consists of steep climbs through sand dunes and sandstone to take you to this unique arch that has a tower resting on top.


And, yes…you can also find Park Avenue here. No, not that one; this is even better. For the two miles you walk, you follow a trail through the canyon where you reach the magnificent, Courthouse Towers.


The thrills never stop! From hiking through the “Devils” labyrinth to strolling down “Park Avenue,” Arches National Park is the perfect journey to embark on.


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