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Boreas Pass

Boreas Pass

Turning northwest on Tarryall Road, which becomes CO RD 77 in an eighth of a mile.   Journey on CO RD 77 for 42.7 miles to the town of Jefferson at the Junction of US 285.  CO RD 77 borders the Lost Creek Wilderness area with plenty of camping, hiking and fly-fishing opportunities.

In Jefferson take a left, south on US 285 for 7.2 miles turning right into the town of Como, Colorado.

Como has one of the last railroad roundhouses left in the state.  For those who don’t know a railroad roundhouse was designed to spin the engine of a trail around and send it back where it came from.  Go slow through town, a bit of history here as well as an interesting art gallery that wasn’t open yet, being before 7 in the morning.

From Como to Breckenridge is a beautiful twenty-two-mile drive of beauty and inspiration.  Being mid-July on this trip the wildflowers were peaking.