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Patterned Leggings Hiking Ski Clothes


Patterned Leggings for all Outdoor Adventures

Patterned Leggings Hiking Ski Clothes, or Trout Leggings make great men’s yoga pants, to stay warm under your waders, or wear on the yoga mat or working out on the yoga blocks.  Patterned Leggings are a perfect women’s yoga pants are fashionable to wear on a trouty night on the town, in a tent, camping, trail running, mountain biking, or working out on the Yoga mat or stepping up the trail. Stay fit looking trim in a design with comfort in patterned leggings.

Printed Leggings are Field Tested

Our Patterned Leggings are field tested daily by our staff in the field. At -13 on a trail or a driving rain storm at 43 degrees till completely soaked.  Stayed warm dried quickly and was as comfortable as someone can be very wet and a heavy chill in the air.

But you got to love those 60 to 70 degree days on the river in a fly fishing hoodie, leggings wet wading and loving it with every fish on the fly line.

Any adventure in any climate, you ought not be caught dead with out a pair in your backpack or luggage.  I have a pair for each day of the week and even a favorite pattern for the trail.  Printed Leggings make great trail wear as hiking clothes.